Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Attacking the Darkness!

As I have just finished my latest kitty creation, the moogle cat, I thought it might behoove me to take some group photos of my geek and gamer cats. I have had a lot of fun dreaming up the cats and figuring out how to make each one best look like the character they represent.

 Photography is not normally my favorite part of the process, but I had a lot of fun taking these, especially the kitties playing DnD photo. The idea for that actually came from my husband. The day I took the others photos, my husband came home to find all the kitties on the bed with the big plush D20. He then proceeded to arrange them around the die, and then informed me that Link Cat was the DM. Well after that I just couldn't resist doing the picture full scale. I've also included a couple other of the geeky crocheted projects I've been working on, the purple D20, whose pieces you saw in a previous post, and my Mario coin brick tissue box cover.

Gamer Cat Trio

 Please enjoy and thanks for reading!

 by GoblinGal

Full Group

D20 and tissue box

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Baby Geek Chic!

At some point in everyone's life they begin to notice the different stages of life as they progress through them. For me it started after high school. My friends and I went on our way, began college and began our lives as adults. It was fun, but bittersweet transitioning from teenager to adult. Still, I felt mostly the same as I did in High School.

Then you get to the first one that really shocks you. The marriage phase. In this phase you stop to look at your calender, realizing you have about 5 weddings to go to this year.  This is the first phase where I truly remember looking around and going "holy #$@&!! I am an adult!" My friends and I all have husbands and wives! Careers!  I was a bridesmaid in my sister's weddings, my best friend's wedding, and then they all turned around and flew out to California to be in mine.

(The fun thing being from a different state, Wisconsin, is that the marriage age is different than the coastal marriage age, so my wedding attending phase was twice as long as some folks.) 

And what comes after the Marriage phase? Baby phase!! You think it's odd to think about all your friends grown up and married? Wait till the babies begin! That will really blow your mind! My best friend since I was 12, just a kid myself, has a kid! Another dear friend I've known since the age of 6 had her first child! My next door neighbor? A first born son! And so it only makes sense that as I transition into this new phase of my life, so does my crafting.

These burp cloths were made for a friend of mine for her baby shower! Just to make life's little messes a little more super! (Every baby should have their own super hero sound effects!) I am sure as more friend's and relatives have more little geeklings, more baby geek crafts are on their way!

Until next time,

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Friday, August 3, 2012

I Have an Inkling

 Are you sick of my bad word play titles yet? Too bad :) Today I am going to talk a little about weaving.
I have always found myself particularly drawn to weaving. I love weaving, and I find it to be very relaxing. It probably started because I had weeping willows in my yard growing up in Wisconsin. It was great! Free materials whenever I wanted. As a kid I would make all kinds of things, hula skirts, crowns, baskets, a “bow” for shooting “arrows” (random sticks I found in the yard.), whatever I wanted to play with that day. It's one thing I miss about living in a temperate forest, all the free craft supplies! As much as I may try to resist it, (NO! I am NOT my mother!) I'm a fiber arts person. My first loom was this tiny little thing used to make Native American style bracelets, and of course, I have been crocheting since childhood.

I still love weaving baskets but sadly they are just not cost effective. Reed is pretty pricey to get out in so-cal, and with every department store on earth selling very cheaply made baskets at super low cost, there's just no turn around for me. Due to this basket weaving is a bit of a dying art form. So, when I weave a basket it is a kind of a treat for myself.

Since joining the SCA I have learned a few new types of weaving. All the trim you see on my Etsy or facebook page is inkle weaving. Inkle weaving uses a small loom to make trim in simple geometric patterns. It dates back to as early the 1600's as it is referenced in several Shakespeare pieces. Inkle is very  frequently used in the SCA to make “period” trims for garb etc.

When I picked this up I discovered I really liked making trim. It's fun, and relatively easy, and I can weave and be social at the same time, watch TV etc. The problem was I started to have way more trim than I would ever use, and my husband doesn't appreciate living in a giant ball of trim. So up it went on the Etsy. To be honest, I was surprised when the first one sold. I figured it was such a specialty item there wouldn't be much interest. Several trims later I am still selling, and very happy to have customers supporting my habit!

I have just sold enough to “pay off” my first loom, woohoo! Although I have now moved on to a bigger loom that my friend James made me for Christmas. He's been dabbling in woodworking and decided to give it a try! (it came out beautiful, and he even wood burned in a wolf for me, which is part of my SCA heraldry)

I still have a lot to learn! There is also card weaving which uses the same loom, but instead of warping the threads directly through the frame, they are threaded through “cards” (this allows for a wider variety in patterns.). There are also a few techniques such as brocading and pick of weaving which also allow for some fancier trims. Hopefully soon I shall have some of these fancier trims for all to see!

This is the latest trim off my loom. After making the purple D20 I was feeling a little purple-y, (to be fair, I'm almost always feeling purple-y.) Today I warped up the loom to make some fun orange and black Halloween trim. Yeah, I know it's only August, but it's my subconscious's way of wishing for cooler weather. (Fall months will inevitably be filled with tons of Halloween crafting posts :) )

Update: Since this last post I have also decided to learn card weaving. I wrote a post about making the switch from inkle to card here.

Thanks again or reading!
See you soon!
~By GoblinGal

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