Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Make a Dalek Trash Can!

Good morning everyone! Just a quick cross post this lovely August morn to encourage you all to go out and bring a Dalek into your home (or office.) That's a totally good idea, right? As I have mentioned previously, one of my many jobs is writing for Fangirl Nation, where I am a columnist for a monthly crafting “how to” (it's a cool job) called “Goblin Gal's Crafty Corner.”

Today Fangirl released the third article in my series, teaching you to make this guy!!

I love him, seriously. My husband has named him “Darryl the Dalek” and he now resides in my living room. He's great because he is a piece of fandom, but also a functional piece for your home (us geeks love us some functionality). Also, my cat thinks Darryl is his personal back scratcher.

Check out the how-to here and don't forget to check out for all your geek news needs!

To look at all my how-to posts, go to the website, and mouse over the “columns” button in the nav bar. It's under “Goblin Gal's Crafty Corner”

To read every article I've ever wrote for Fangirl...ever! Click here! 

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 ~By GoblinGal

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