Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fangirl Nation comes to Comikaze

As a writer for, I have been having a blast bringing geeky news, reviews and geeky craft how-to's to the community. At Fangirl, it is our mission to encourage girls to love what they love without shame or fear. ( I have written extensively about the topic here, in my article addressing the “Fake Geek Girl.” )

As a young girl, my father sparked my interest in sci-fi, fantasy and other “geeky” pursuits. Being raised by him, it was just the norm. I didn't even know I was a “geek” until high school, when I met others, male AND female that were like me. They were simply my interests, the things that I loved.
Never could I have imagined the the recent events that have swept through our community. It breaks my heart that a contigent of people, no matter how small or how large, could be so violent, so full of rage. That female fans, creators and industry workers are being driven to silence and fear, is horrifying. I truly do not, cannot understand, why we are any different than any other fan. Why do the organs that inhabit our bodies determine what we allowed, or not allowed to love? I was raised to believe that we are all people, all humans, and despite our gender, our only limitations are those we share as a species (i.e not being able to fly unassisted). These sorts of events hurt everyone, both genders and the community as a whole.

Despite this sad turn of events. It has been a joy to be surrounded by the gals of FangirlNation, a passionate group of ladies, with an important goal.

“We embrace all levels or fandom, nerdery, geekdom and culture, knowing that in the end we are all passionate about something. We banish the concept of “fake geek girl” knowing every woman deserves the chance to love what she loves without being questioned for her dedication.
We are Women. We are Fangirls. We are United in What We Love.
We are the FangirlNation and we want you to join us!”

This is a topic that means so much to me, and we are going to be bringing this message to Comikaze 2014 with our first panel “Why Female Fans Matter”

Anyone can be a fan. Everyone should be able to love what they love. Please come celebrate yourself for the amazing, passionate person that you are. Saturday, November 1st at 1:30 PM in room 306AB

All my love,
~ By GoblinGal

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