Friday, January 17, 2014

Creative Energies Bursting

Sometimes the muse takes a vacation, and you just can’t seem to scrape even a single creative idea of the bottom of the barrel. Other times your head explodes with ideas, crafter’s ADD takes hold, and you just…can’t….focus.
Ugh. This week has been the latter, and while I much prefer it to no muse at all, the hyper-active muse does come with her own set of problems.
1)      I still have orders to complete for some friends. (My etsy is down due to home renovating but I still have some orders coming in, a great problem to have.) Focus, Goblin Gal, focus!!
2)      I’m renovating my house. It takes up most of my free time, and a good deal of creative energies to begin with, not to mention my supplies are in limbo between old house and new house.
3)      My immune system is currently striking in protest of its crappy hours. I am trying to enforce better sleep times, better eating habits to boost the sucker back up, but until it bounces back I am getting sick all…the…time. It makes it hard to get the strength to work in my off hours. It doesn’t help that my boss came with a particularly nasty long cold to work immediately after Christmas. -.-

On the other hand I am very excited about the upcoming possibilities.  So I’m going to list my current list of activities I want to do this year. Bear in mind this is hyper muse speaking, and these in no way are ALL promised to come into being. Some of these are business oriented, others just for fun.

1)      Get (a lot of) statues/figurines made for re-launch of Etsy once home reno and move are complete
2)      Teach a wire weaving class for my local barony. (After home reno.)
3)      Update website content. Like, more than just two or three things. The whole website
4)      Cosplay for Comic-Con with sister in law (characters to be determined, I’m indecisive)
5)      Labyrinth of Jareth Ball gown (original costume “Death’s Physician.”)
6)      Create adaptation of a Disney Character’s outfit to SCA period Garb.
7)      Get started on Pentathlon entries for SCA (requires entry item, plus a legit history paper with primary and secondary sources to explain each piece)
8)      Weave more trim for store
9)      Weave more trim for SCA
10)   Improve card weaving skills
11)   Organize/ Set up craft room at the new place. Shiny, organized, easy access, labeled craft supply bins. Hooray!
12)   Make “Facesmirkens” for my SCA household. (Yeah, don’t ask. It makes sense to me, trust me.)
13)   Try awesome new beaded kumihimo pattern I found. (It looks soooooooo cool.)

I think that is most of it?  For now anyway, my brain and lovely creative friends will only add more to the list. It’s only January, after all. Guess I should sign off now and get to work,

By Goblin Gal

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