Monday, February 17, 2014

I got a Harp!

This a little tiny bit waaay post-event, but I finally am getting around to my post Gyldenholt Unbelted wrap up. Gyldenholt Unbelted is a day tourney in the SCA. I may have mentioned the SCA before on occasion. It is one of my many perhaps a tad geeky hobbies.

If in fact I haven’t mentioned it before, the SCA is short for the Society for Creative Anachronism. It is a historical recreation society that is set over a wide span of history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the end of the Renaissance.  I have many fantastic friends there, and it has spun me off into a great number of other hobbies over the years. (Cause I needed more of those.)  I do a little bit of everything, some pewter casting, a bit of brewing, weaving, and some martial arts.  Okay maybe a lot of martial arts, a have a pretty large affinity for heaving pointy objects through the air, (thrown weapons and archery) and I dabble with swords now and then..

Recently, at one of our locally hosted events I was awarded a Harp Argent for weaving. This is an art award the society uses to recognize skill in a particular art or science.  Look there it is below. *points* The certificate is for my home, the medallion is something for me to wear at events to signify the I am a member of the order.

I has a shiny.

It is essentially the bottom tier of a three tier system.  Think of it kinda as a college degree, an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s, and a doctorate. (It’s slightly more complicated than that, but it’s a good model for simplicity’s sake.) Unlike a degree, however, you don’t apply for it. It’s an award that someone puts you up for anonymously, and so it’s usually a complete surprise to the recipient. It was to me!
Apparently someone out there thinks I’m sorta good at making piles of string into other objects.  Hooray!

 I’m very flattered. Well, I was flattered and nervous as hell having to go up in front of people to receive it. Bragging using the anonymity of the internet is one thing or one’s own blog is one thing, going up in front of a ton people to receive the award is another. When the method of receiving involves having everyone stare at you as the local and kingdom heads publicly flatter you is downright terrifying, (for me, anyway, lol.)

I’m so happy to have my harp, and really an associate’s degree is a pretty good analogy. I still have so much I want to learn and do. Weaving is a really broad field, and I've barely scratched the surface. For example, one day I really, really, want to learn how to weave tapestries. Like real tapestries, with little people doing things on them. All Medieval style. Yeah, that would be awesome. It’s a pretty complex process. I’ll have to start with stick figures. And primary colors. So far I have dabbled in kumihimo, Viking wire weaving, inkle weaving, pick up inkle weaving, and basketry. (And if you count the “costumes” I used to make myself out of willow vines when I was a child, I guess clothing?)

All in all it was a great day spent with friends hanging out, and I also got to see friends of mine earn well deserved awards as well. (Some of whom I voted for them to get, which was highly satisfactory.)  It was fun to see my fighter friends out doing what they love, and the weather was great. I am looking forward to the next event.

By GoblinGal

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