Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This Saturday is finally move in day. I am excited, and also nervous, but mostly relieved. This process has just been so long for me. 

I get that it seems obnoxious for me to be complaining over something great, like buying a condo, but at this point, mentally and physically I am just exhausted. Physically, endurance has never been my thing, and I have pushed myself well beyond anything I’ve ever done before.  (Yay! And uuuaarrrggghh!)

10 months of putting in offers and getting rejected or losing to flippers, while also working two jobs and overtime hours to keep our loan up, followed by all the drama it took to get our loan people to do their job when we actually GOT an accepted offer, followed by 4 months of hard reno that we ourselves have done all by hand. Phew.  I never so much as touched a saw before this adventure, and now I can sit at a tile saw cutting like a pro.

It’s all so worth it, and honestly something that needed to happen for my husband and I to move on into the future, but now I want to take a nap. More like a hibernation.  Maybe two weeks of sleep or so in a nice comfy cave? My everything is tired, my muscles ache, my eyes try to close anytime I sit still for a few minutes. I’m sure my job has noticed my zombie like state lately, I really dread getting in trouble, because I know I’m not functioning at as high of a level as I was before.

By GoblinGal