Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Productive Day

So one of the fun parts of home ownership, random bills! Yippee! We came home to a surprise supplemental property tax bill. Youch. Things are a little tight at the moment, what with all our new and exciting bills, so instead of going to fighter practice, L I decided to stay home after and craft. With the house reno finally settling down, I’m trying to focus on re-launching my Etsy. I also took time to hammer out some of my friend and family back-orders.   

On the back-order front I finished one of them and made significant progress on two others. I mapped out the pattern for a crochet piece that has been driving me nuts, and built an armature for a goblin.
On the “new stuff” front I made three pieces of fairy garden accessories. I love the idea of faerie gardens. Think Christmas village, but fairy themed and outside in your garden. They are vastly popular right now, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a few little accessories.  I will post about them a little later, when I've had time to do better quality photos. They are simple, cute, and should be pretty affordable for everyone, so I hope people will enjoy them.  (My husband is giving rave reviews, but that’s kinda his job. J)

I did all that and still managed to go to work, make dinner, feed the cats and sweep the floors. I’m feeling so productive!

By GoblinGal

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