Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WonderCon 2014 Coverage

Hey folks! Starting Friday I will be headed over to WonderCon in Anaheim for a wonderful weekend of geekery and fun! There is always so much to do at these cons, screening of new shows and comics, great cosplay, and of course a chance for me to buy more old Thor comics. (Yes!! My comic book rail looks pathetic next to my husbands, I need to catch up!)

(And those are only a few of his..)

I will hopefully be cosplaying. I am going to attempt to revamp my Aurin Spellslinger from Carbine Studios upcoming game WildStar. (Aka that place my husband works.) Previously I only wore it to one of Carbine’s Halloween parties, so it hasn’t really had a “public” debut yet.  I am still debating if I should stick with the purple fur color or switch over to black and use my better wig, ah choices. (Plus I want to re-sculpt the shoulder armor.) We will see if I can find all the pieces (since I just moved) and pull it all off in time.
I will keep you all updated with the latest and what I am up to at con! See you all there!

~ By GoblinGal

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