Saturday, April 5, 2014

Playful Dragons

Recently I decided I wanted try to sculpt something new that I could make and reproduce in a few variations to sell on my Etsy.  My hubby suggested small dragons in cat-like poses, which is adorable, so I gave it a try. We both loved "How to Train Your Dragon."  and own two cats, so the idea of dragons acting like giant house cats greatly amuses me.

Here are the head and body still in early formation

I really like using the glass beads for eyes. It adds a sense of realism.  You can still sculpt the eye shape, give it ridges, brows and plenty of character, but you don't have to worry about sculpting pupils and little finicky bits or having to paint intricate eye details later. (My hand sculpted eyeballs still end up a bit cartoony.)

The idea was for these to be small, but of course the first one turned out larger than anticipated. Getting small takes work and experience!

Here he is all done!

Afterwards I tried to make a second one, to see if I could accurately repeat the style and get it more into the size range that I wanted. The results were this pretty girl below. I have to admit it was hard to list her on my Etsy, but I can't keep them all. I hope she will go to a good home. She is actually significantly smaller, only about 2 inches high!

I will be making new poses and colors to add to my Etsy soon, as well as (hopefully) a few goblins. It's going to be a busy month! Check out all the new stuff on my Etsy at and  Thanks for reading!

By GoblinGal

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