Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Day in the Sun

Many of my weekends, especially in the summer, are spent at day tournaments with the SCA. This last Saturday was Caid Prize Tourney, which is an event to raise money for our branch. The day features competitions in several fighting forms, game booths, and perhaps the largest raffle you will ever see in your life. The coolest thing about the raffle? A great proportion of the items are hand crafted by amazingly talented people.

Now, normally I have about zero luck, but lately I have been on a streak, the likes of which have not been seen..well...ever. For example,  I have just back gotten into Magic: The Gathering, and I have pulled six mythics. This is just ridiculous. Six! (I am beginning to suspect that my new black kitten is actually bringing me good luck....perhaps I should be weighed against a wooden duck.)


It ended up being an extraordinarily good day for me. I took third in Thrown Weapons, and then, low and behold, RAFFLE ITEM!

 I won this absolutely gorgeous pitcher, which was hand crafted by Master Hroar Stormgangr of “Two Hearts Entwined Pottery.” I adore pottery. A kiln is definitely on the “dream house items” list, and I would absolutely spend all day playing with clay if I could. It's even in my favorite color, purple! After the event, I went to a bacon party. That's right, bacon party. The kitchen was full of fabulous dishes all made from bacon, entrees to deserts.  All in all it was a fantastic day.

The only downside to speak of  was that I acquired a massive sunburn. My first major sunburn in all my 26 years. You see, normally I do not burn, I tan. The lesson we have learned though, folks, is that after 6 hours of throwing spears in the sun, it doesn't matter what your skin type is....you will burn. Ouch. (I think my husband, who burns all the time, may be enjoying my sunburn learning curve just a little.)

Thanks to everyone who reads! Starting Thursday I will be heading off to Comic Con. Wohoo! For geeky Comic-Con updates, check back!

More of Master Hroar's work can be found here

~By GoblinGal

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