Monday, July 23, 2012

San Diego Comic Con: Part two!

Saturday and Sunday proved to be much busier days. Saturday we woke up early and went in for the “Adventure Time” and “Phineas and Ferb” panels. They were both great! John DiMaggio, who voices Jake the Dog and Bender from “Futurama” was on the adventure time panel. He was hilarious. They did an old timey radio script featuring the ice king, played songs from the show live and answered questions.

The panel I was really excited about, though, was the Phineas and Ferb panel. It featured both creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh as well as the voices of Phineas, Isabella and Perry. It was a really fun panel. Yes, the platypus noise really does come out of a human being, but man it looked like a lot of effort just to get out one growl. Watching Dan Povenmire speak as Dr. Doof was awesome, and Allyson Stoner was really funny, warning little girls who asked questions about Phineas to “Be careful now.” in Isabella's voice. We saw a few clips that are yet to be released, including a song sung by Carl the Intern.

At night we went to the Masquerade, which is a huge costume contest. I love seeing all the costumes and amazing levels of skill and detail. (the prizes are amazing, too) This group one several awards, including some for best sketch, they were very funny, and their costumes were very well done. They even included Hollywood prosthetics and makeup for some of the characters. The masquerade is hosted by the Foglio's of the popular Steampunk Web Comic “Girl Genius” They were great hosts, and usual. I love going to their booth in the dealer hall, because they are always there, super friendly, happy to give autographs and just generally fun. 

Of course, the movie I was most excited about  upcoming is “The Hobbit” The WB booth featured a display as well as WETA workshops, who handle a lot of the props from the movie. The WETA booth was great and featured life sized trolls, as well as displays of several of the weapons from the characters. There was a Hobbit panel in Hall H, that had Peter Jackson, and several of the actors, including Orlando Bloom, (even though Legolas is NOT in the Hobbit, and was basically added in for fan service...*grumblings of a Tolkien Purist.*) but as much as it killed me to not go, the line started somewhere around 3:30- 4:00 AM. I had a friend who got there about 5, and was so far back in line she was across the street from the convention center. No thanks. None the less YAY HOBBIT!!!!! 

 (Smaug Statue)


I spent a few days hunting down this acorn label pin. It was swag from the WB booth. Eventually after getting a lead on when they would be giving out swag, and stalking the booth for 15-20 minutes, we were able to get in line and snag the swag. We got superman t-shirts, the Hobbit pin, a ton of exclusive magazines and more pins.

Swag hunting is always a fun part of a convention. We did pretty good this year. My main score included two shirts (Superman and Iron Man) a aluminum water bottle, two pairs of sunglasses, a inflatable tomahawk from “Assassin's Creed Three” and my precious Hobbit pin. Here's a pic of the haul all together. I generally avoided things like posters and papers, because lets be honest, most of them just end up in the recycling anyway, (but I did get a couple.)

All in all it was a fun time, and we learned a ton to make next year even better!

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