Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Faery Garden Accessories

I am really enjoying getting into polymer clays and bringing more of the fantasy aspect to Shrouded Grove.  While I work on making more goblins and bigger fantasy creatures and projects, I wanted to be able experiment and have fun doing some smaller, simpler projects.

As an avid Halloween village collector (Mostly Lemax) I am enthralled by the current trend of faery gardens, which are essentially the same idea as a holiday village, only faery themed an outdoors, (which is awesome!)  Now that I have a front “lawn” so to speak, I am free to fill it with faerie art to my heart’s content. (The house and owl in this picture are starter pieces I bought over at Jo-ann, which is partially what inspired me to start making my own pieces.)

They are quick and fun and allow me to experiment with different sculpting and painting techniques. It’s great, I can let my mind run wild with ideas, and because they are relatively quick and easy to make, so I can actually get to a lot of them. These are a few of my first pieces I made. I tried to start out with some basic stuff, mushrooms, snails and the like.

The sign here was a little tricky, because it was my first time trying to carve actual words in. A learning experience was had.  (This was also the piece which during painting my cat saw fit to express his discontent by running through my green paint and across my table. *sigh*)

My little purple snail! I love this little guy.

This here is my “biggest” piece, a fairy circle with some fun funky mushrooms.

I've been having a blast making these!

You can buy them on my Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/shroudedgrove
More shall be added soon, as well as hopefully some bigger projects as well.

~ By GoblinGal

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